Monday, December 5, 2011

Duke 1 week old photos

We are so in love with this little boy! I can't believe he is 3 weeks old! He is so handsome, we just can't get enough of him!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Duke Leland Andrewsen has arrived!

That is the birth day of our beautiful son, Duke. We are so happy he has come to join our family. He's healthy, has all his fingers and all his toes, and is simply perfect looking!

More updates to come! We love our son!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

By the Way.... I love love Halloween! This is the best time of the year! I'm getting all excited!
Here are a couple pictures of us last year. Cruella and her Dalmatian puppy!

Best memory ever from last Halloween is when we were at a party at my cousin's house; a 10 year old little boy came to the door to return a borrowed pan, and Scott started barking at him. A really mean loud bark! The kid was scared to death! He didn't know what to do! It was hilarious. Oh and when Scott lifted his leg, like he was peeing, on my mom and grandma... Who is this guy that I married?!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Since the Beginning of Time... 5 YEARS!

Happy Anniversary to us! Today we have been married 5 years!! I can't believe it! Time sure flies! This blog title might only be funny to my family. Its a Little Rascals reference... I love my handsome husband so much! I loved our wedding day. Everything went perfect. I slept in, had my dad's homemade waffles for breakfast, did my hair and makeup, and then rode to the Salt Lake temple with my mom and dad. I can still remember Scott waiting there for us just inside the temple. It was the best day ever! I loved waiting in the Celestial room just the two of us before we were married. And our cute sealer! I can't remember anything he said except, he couldn't pronounce my name to save his life, and he was hilarious! That's all I remember. After the ceremony, my mom helped me change out of my temple dress and into my wedding dress, there were a million girls in there! Then we were walking down the hall and I hear. "WOW!" It was my handsome husband! I didn't even realize he was sitting in a chair at the end of the hall. We took a million pictures! Grabbed some Little Caesars pizza and then the party started! It was a blast! I love you Scott! This morning we had my dad's waffles together before work! (This time made by Scott, not my Dad.) It was the best! Scott is my best friend in the whole world! He is the hardest working guy I know. He is so caring, and thoughtful! He is going to be the best dad ever! I have no doubt about it! I am so lucky to be his wife! Happy Anniversary Babe!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to US!

Being a twin is the best! I absolutely love it! Maybe that is because my twin is so awesome! Its so fun celebrating our birthday together! Kylie and I celebrated our 24th birthday this year. We celebrated at the Pizza Factory with our family. Thanks for the sharing your big day with me Ky! Love you!

The lighting was terrible... Couldn't get any good pictures.